Eric Bouhassira, Ph.D.

Eric Bouhassira Eric obtained his Ph.D. in 1989 from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, which reunited with the University Paris-Sorbonne in 2018. He has been working at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York ever since. He is currently the Ingeborg and Ira Leon Rennert Professor of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in the Departments of Cell Biology and Medicine.

His current major research interests are in the fields of cell culture, cell engineering, hematopoiesis, and erythropoiesis. His current projects include developing methods to differentiate induced pluripotent stem cells into hematopoietic stem cells and erythroid cells, production of red blood cells carrying rare blood groups for transfusion support, engineering therapeutic red blood cells, and development of gene therapy for hereditary red blood cell disorders. He has co-authored over 100 scientific articles.

Eric's passion is experimental scientific research. When he is not in his lab, he runs marathons, skis in upstate New York or the French Alps, and spends time with his wife and three daughters.

Emmanuel Olivier, Ph.D.

Emmanuel OlivierEmmanuel obtained is Ph.D in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 1999 at the University of Rouen,France. He then trained as a post-doc in the Bouhassira Lab from 2001 to 2008 and took a position at the university of Glasgow from 2008 to 2016. He came back to the Bouhassira lab in 2016 as a faculty members. He has developed numerous methods to produce hematopoietic and red blood cells from iPSCs and he has considerable expertise in the field.

He has co-authored of over 20 publications including 15 during his time in the Bouhassira Lab.

Karl Roberts

Karl Roberts Karl obtained both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts in Biology at the City University of New York - Hunter College. He is currently enrolled as an MD and a Ph.D. student at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Karl joined the Bouhassira Lab in 2020 where he studies the engineering of therapeutic red blood cells for various disorders. He has coauthored 4 articles since joining the Bouhassira Lab. When not in the lab, Karl likes to spend his time playing the piano.

Zi Yan

Zi Yan Zi obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biological Technology from Tianjin University in China in 2003, and a Master of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology from Fordham University in the Bronx, New York. She joined the lab of Carl Schidkraut at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, where she worked as a technician from 2011 to 2013. In 2013, she transferred to the Bouhassira Lab, where she currently serves as the lab manager. Additionally, she runs the human pluripotent stem cell facility, which provides reprogramming and gene editing services for the Einstein community. She is an expert in the production and genetic engineering of induced pluripotent stem cells. She has co-authored 6 articles since joining the Bouhassira Lab.

Shouping Zhang

Shouping Zhang Shouping obtained a Master's degree in Agricultural Science (Biology) from Shenyang Agricultural University in Shenyang, China. He then worked as a technician at the University of Toronto in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 2006 to 2014. He has been a technician in the Bouhassira Lab since 2014, where he is an expert in many molecular biology methods, the culture of primary hematopoietic cells (particularly erythroid cells), and CRISPR/Cas9 genetic modification. He has co-authored six scientific articles since joining the Bouhassira Lab.

Former lab members

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Kai Wang, Ph.D.

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